the spurt ninja & the stank face

yesterday:        BABY – 1          MOMMY – 0
       fouls            3                           7                    
       time outs     1                          27
       subs             0                     yes please

with the amount of naps little humans require, most days there is little time for mommy dearest to get done what she needs to do. i rarely have an hour to myself to knock everything out that i have on my “to do” list. SO i have been forced, not necessarily against my will, to become a master of spurts – or “mini marathons”, as my good friend, leah, calls them.
now, you have to understand, i am not a type A girl. i am not someone who thrives on schedules. (i actually abhor habit & things that become monotonous. even brushing my teeth can drive me bonkers, because i do it EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT.) but i am learning i can still plan without becoming miss has-it-all-together (like that could even happen).

my daily lessons: 
you have to become quite skilled at seizing those short minutes you might have before the babe awakes or before a meltdown might occur.
and there has to be some wiggle room, in case a massive blowout happens just as you are checking out at target (and you reach up and accidentally put your finger in it, meaning a quick sink-shower for the both of you before heading home to greet daddy).
when you make plans with friends, you (both parties involved) need to keep in mind that if one kid is up most of the night and in turn wakes up 1 hour early, you’ll need to reschedule and have an extra naptime instead. this usually & hopefully includes a mommy snooze as well. (you basically just read my day yesterday, start to finish.)
so i have now taken on the title spurt-master or le spurt ninja, whichever you prefer.  
i have become the queen of spurts, and i rule them well.

on those days when i can hardly see straight and i have trouble staying awake as i nurse my little one, the thing that never fails to bring a chuckle to my belly is “the stank face”.

(if you subscribe to team us and you got the post email this morning – your link for the video is probably not working. just hit the refresh key once you get on the blog’s main page and that should do the trick!)

happy almost-weekend!

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2 Responses to the spurt ninja & the stank face

  1. dad says:

    YES !!!!!!!!!! She can make faces! Oh GLORY!

  2. Phabienne says:

    Linds, there is a countdown clock in my head every time Mathias is down for a nap or when he is content. That clock is counting down the seconds I have left to get whatever it is I need to get down. So I know exactly what you mean! We are masters of the minutes!

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