i have my very own

for as long as i can remember, i have been in love with baby bottoms. the little cheeks and the thigh rolls that are below. 
(if you are a friend of mine with a little one, i am sorry if there have been awkward moments for you as i asked you for permission to pinch your child’s hind quarters.)
i have also always wanted my VERY own baby bottom to pinch.
now all my dreams are coming true.

up until a few months ago, the little girl was a lot smaller than her peers. she was tiny and lean.
but recently, she is puttin’ on the LBs like whoa.
she is gettin’ some cheeks – on her face – that let you know she is smiling even when you are behind her
she is developing some rolls – all over – like it’s her job.
and they couldn’t be cuter. or more squeezable.

when we picked her up from the nursery today after church, she was all wrapped in a blanket. i thought the nursery worker was smitten with harper and just wanted to snuggle her because she’s so friggin’ cute… but apparently, the little lady had quite the blowout. now if i were mom of the year, i would have had a spare pair of pants in my bag, but ALAS, i did not. and the poor chick had to go pantless & bare-legged to lunch with us. it didn’t even faze her. should i be concerned?? (another brazen hussy?)

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