the little girl’s first easter

note: please forgive me, for i am way beyond uncreative & a wee bit exhausted today, so i’m just posting a few pics. if you are a new reader, don’t judge:) and please come back.)

this past sunday was harper’s first easter and second time in the nursery at church (yes, it’s still a big deal).
when we picked her up, the nursery workers asked the same question they asked the week before: “is she ALWAYS this good?”

these days we don’t really get the chance to take many family pics, since one adult needs to be manning the camera.
so here is the pic of babygirl with her daddy…

there were a few kids in the lobby who were making faces at & tickling each other – harper was mesmerized…

apparently, there was quite the rager of a disco in the nursery while we were in the service…
harper passed out cold in the car. when we got home and G got her out of the car she stayed asleep on his shoulder. so they took a little nap together on the couch.

we have had non-stop rain here in branson since last thursday (we are finally getting a break and might see the sun today) so sadly there was no easter egg hunting.
my kid is too young, you say?
oh, you can bet i would have done it anyway:)

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