a lovely table, a delectable feast & a glorious holiday

i love to entertain. it’s got to be one of my favorite things to do in life. (if you know my mother, you know where i get this trait.)
there are a lot of us here in town who are transplants & didn’t grow up here. well, most of us. and i knew quite a bit of our friends weren’t leaving town to go see family over the holiday weekend, so i thought we’d host a brunch for said friends. (my girlfriend, erika & i were out walking down by the lake with the kiddos and hatched this brilliant plan together.) we had it on saturday and did a potluck-style brunch. (if i could avoid all stress and calmly cook for 2 days straight, then i would have made all the food myself. I LOVE BREAKFAST food. i lovelovelove it and could eat it for every meal.)
our dining room table is kind of old and a bit rickety (we bought it in the first week we were married, in june 2003). also: it seats 4. notsogood for a brunch, unless we wanted everyone to be sitting on the floor in the living room, japanese style.
so i had the boo grab a couple of long, rectangular tables from kamp and about 10 chairs.

we made one super long table to seat all of the 14 guests who rsvp’d YES, plus extra chairs to pull up for little ones.
and you KNOW i had to use my china that i love so dearly…

it was a lovely table, if i do say so myself. even with no tablecloth over the laminate-top, folding metal-leg kamp tables.  
we had quite the mash-up of chairs too, which kind of added to the whimsy of it all.
i also made placecards for each of our guests – not because i cared where every person sat, but it just added a nice, fancy touch. (i DO love fancy.)

my cohort/cohost, erika, brought these gorgeous tulips for the brunch…

it was so great to have everyone involved bring something, something they love to cook. and DUDE we had a spread! we had chocolate chip coffee cake, sausage & biscuits, cinnamon bread, fresh fruit, a sinful nutty & crunchy baked french toast, a crescent roll florentine, and i made breakfast burritos. it was so yummy & all of us did exactly what the evite said we’d do: we ate our faces off.
i found the breakfast burrito recipe in some random cooking magazine a few years back and i have loved it, so of course i want to share it:) (i have made some edits over the years, as you’ll see. and i like it a little bit better with the chorizo, instead of the pork sausage.)

cheers to good friends, good food, and to the holiday that we celebrate HE IS RISEN!

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2 Responses to a lovely table, a delectable feast & a glorious holiday

  1. dad says:

    I assume we’re doing this for LB2’s first bday, right?????????

  2. Laura says:

    Hey beautiful!! Saw your comment…so agree with the Amy Grant thing 🙂
    Anyway, I dont have your email. So can you write me?

    Excited to hear from you!!

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