a foodie in the making

miss story is in love with food.
yes, still.
yes, just like her mama.

i have loved making food for her (now, i don’t make ALL of it. who do you take me for? martha stewart & rachael ray’s offspring?! i’m not that good.) 

her favorites are 1} quinoa, broccoli & zucchini with parsley and 2} lentils with zucchini, carrots & cauliflower.
i also cook her butternut squash with a sage leaf (that i take out after cooking) – she practically inhales the stuff.
i have had a few requests for these recipes, so if you twist my arm enough i might share them.
ok, here they are.

quinoa recipe:
1/4 cup quinoa, rinsed
1 cup broccoli, cut in to medium sized pieces
1 cup zucchini, cut into chunks
small handful of parsley
3-4 cups low sodium chicken stock or water

lentil recipe:
2 yellow zucchini, cut into medium sized chunks
2 carrots. peeled and cut into medium sized chunks
3/4 cup cauliflower, cut into medium sized pieces
1/2 cup crimson, red or plain lentils
4-5 cups low sodium chicken stock or water

place all ingredients in a medium sized saucepan and slowly bring to a boil. reduce heat to simmer and cook, partially covered, for 30-40 minutes. puree (and strain for tiny babies) or mash (i use a potato masher) to desired consistency.

harper LOVED these 2 recipes (that were adapted from this amazing cookbook) and i try to keep a lot on hand.
they are jam packed with nutrients – i love knowing this as i feed it to her. in case you didn’t know (from the cookbook): “quinoa is full of protein, calcium, iron and several B vitamins, in addition to an almost perfect balance of all amino acids (so important for little growing bodies).”

also, they freeze really well. if you use the food straight away it can be a little runny, even after you defrost it. so just add a little rice cereal and it should thicken up ok. as you get comfortable with the recipes, you can mess with the ingredients a bit, if you’d like. if it was way too runny for you, use a little less stock/water. i made the lentil recipe with thyme once and it was a huge hit. seriously, i almost made double to add water and make a soup for myself!
hope your little one enjoys them:) happy cooking!

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  1. Pat Chapman says:

    oh that face……………….love love love it!

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