want some updates? do ya??

it seems as if yours truly hasn’t posted any real updates on the little lady in a while.
so before you come to my house, beat down the door, and run in screaming “WE WANT HARPER! GIVE US HARPER!” i’ll give her to ya.
but you can’t take her home, ok?

update 1:
we are loving puffs these days. you know, the little puffed cereal stars?

well, she has been working very hard on her fine motor skills these days with the help of super puffs. we also have some that are a mix of puffs and little freeze-dried banana chunks. (if she doesn’t get to these fast enough, mama sometimes helps her out. yummm.)

update 2:
as you can see above, we finally caved and got a high chair. i am delirious with joy. seriously, i LOVE the thing.

(big) update 3:

WE HAVE A CRAWLER, ladies and gentlemen. our little wombat is now crawling. all over the place, i might add. they say you will long for the days that they were immobile and would stay in one place once you set them down. THIS IS TRUE. but i am loving watching her get around so well, discovering different rooms & new things.
her current favorite? the lowest row on our dvd bookshelf. i hope i’m not creating a monster here, but she’s not harming them or breaking anything, so i let her have fun. and it makes mommy happy when the first movies she pulled out were dirty rotten scoundrels (classic steve martin) and overboard. ::swoon:: 

update 3:
last friday, i went in to get harper up from her nap and she was STANDING UP IN HER CRIB holding on to the top rail!

(when i went in to get her and saw her standing, i got excited and ran out of the room to go get my camera. watching me leave, she started to cry. this is another stage we are in the middle of – when mommy leaves the room, life falls apart. once i came back in, she started laughing again, so proud of herself.)

lately, she is trying so hard to pull herself up on anything she crawls up to – chairs, the coffee tables, the ottoman in her room, ME. she can pull herself to standing using my arms and shoulder & as of wednesday she can now pull herself up ON EVERYTHING in our living room. sometimes, on the taller tables, she starts wigging out a little when she’s been standing for awhile and can’t figure out how to get down. mommy comes to the rescue of course.

audrey, our very favorite musician in branson, was there to witness the very first time she pulled up to standing on a chair all by herself. there was much cheering. and mommy-clapping.

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One Response to want some updates? do ya??

  1. Pat Chapman says:

    Praise God for videos! This way I don’t miss these extremely cool happenings. The crawling is adorable!

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