why i love youtube wednesday – volume 11

why are babies so frickin’ cute?? AAAAAAHHHHHHH ::head spins & smoke comes out of ears::
i might be the last on the bandwagon (babywagon?) of this video, seeing that it already has over 18 million views.
but i love this video. so imma gonna share it with yous. 
i wonder the whole time what the two of them might be discussing.
their latest playdate? maybe how they’re gonna escape mom and run off to the circus?
there’s no telling.

(if you want to have a laugh, head over to this post. she did a caption contest of sorts on these 2 and what her readers thought they might be talking about. scroll down to the comment section & beware some language.)

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2 Responses to why i love youtube wednesday – volume 11

  1. umm. . . SOOOO cute! 🙂

  2. Pat Chapman says:

    wouldn’t a behavioral scientist have a hey day with those 2. I’m totally convinced they have their own special language! Just hope it morphs to English! so cute.

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