i ran the austin capitol 10,000.

this was a big deal for me, dear readers of the team us blog.
i, lindsay blair chapman todd, set a goal for myself.
i am extremely proud of myself & super proud of my family for doing it too.
cheers to my boo, my daddy, The Mahm, my brother and new sister & her family too! bravo!

lemme tell ya, it was nuts out there. i think the statesman (the newspaper in austin and the sponsor of the capitol 10k) said there were 23,000 people running that day. a good friend of mine who also ran the race said this was a bad way to do my first 10k, because of the crowd (she is a seasoned runner, you know, a big race snob). but i loved it. it was SO AUSTIN. all the crazies were out in full effect that day; looking at all the costumes while running was a treat.
another huge upside? it was supposed to be a bright, sunny, sweltering 90 degrees that day and it turned out to be overcast and about 65 degrees. PERFECT weather to exert yourself in. (the heat was the main reason we left harper at home – don’t worry, the puppies took good care of her. although i was sad she couldn’t be there with us. when i crossed the finish line, all i wanted to do was give her a big hug!)

from “before” to “after”, here is the coverage of the chapman/todd/dillon capitol 10k run…

gotta love the people in austin who give perfect strangers bunny ears:

because biceps are what you need to run a race:

we were just a little ways back from the start.

slooowly but surely…

this was our official start time, as we crossed the start line.
also, it’s how long it took to get everyone IN FRONT of us across the start line.

AND we were off!

now, OBV, i didn’t take pictures during the race but a company hired out by the statesman did…

yeah, who’s in front?! BOO YAH!

The Mahm: hooray for sweaty armpits!!!
dad: people, i don’t know why she is so excited about this. 

they look like they do this all the time:
(and they basically do – they are both training for and going to be running san francisco’s bay to breakers on may 15th.)

crossing the finish line! (i’m to the right in the grey shirt and my sister is in the red):

my dad & The Mahm about to cross the finish line. if you look closely, they’re waving to my brother and his mother-in-law who were cheering us from the sidelines:

yay Mahm & dad!

right after i crossed the finish line:

not really sure why THIS was the pose of choice for nearly every picture:

(thumbnail shots VIA)

and then everybody…

(sarah kate and her dad, her sister & her boyfriend, team chapman & team us)

we started the race at 0:24:30 ish, crossed the finish line at 1:55:00 (on the dot), minus a bathroom break for 10 minutes (the lines at the porta potties were stu-pid), we finished the 10k in about 1 hour and 20 minutes!
after all of us were done, sarah kate’s uncle had us over for a wonderful brunch of migas (one of my all-time favorite breakfast foods), cinnamon streusel muffins and freshly squeezed orange juice. (of course, team us headed over there after racing home to get harper.)
we will for sure be doing this next year.

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One Response to i ran the austin capitol 10,000.

  1. liz plachta says:

    So great that you and your mom did this together!! Harper is such a cutie..I love reading positive, funny mommy blogs 🙂 Hope to catch up with you next time you are in austin!!

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