there are no sick days in mommyland

geoff had it.
now i have it.
i pray every minute that harper doesn’t get it.
we have made it through 9 1/2 months of life with this little girl and she HAS YET to get truly sick. ::knocks on wood coffee table:: (hurley is startled and starts barking at imaginary person at the door) ah geez…
something “they” fail to tell you while you are baking the baby: there are no sick days when you are a mommy. you don’t get a day off to stay in bed all day, incessantly blowing snot into a kleenex (or into your “snot rag” if you are my dad) in a daze, watching non-stop episodes of 30 minute meals with rachael ray (you want to get up and find a notepad and pencil to jot down the recipe, but there is no way you are going to go to the trouble of throwing off the blankets, push the trash can filled with tissue out of the way, make sure you don’t knock over your ginormous mug of tea off the table and hoist yourself out of that bed).

you have to suck it up, put your big girl panties on and muster through the day, no matter how sucky and stuffy you may feel. you try to be an engaging mom, but find it impossible when you realize you can’t get your face anywhere near your little one, fearing she might catch the bubonic plague. you float & bobble through each day, glazed over, confused, and then all of a sudden it’s march 18th?? but i thought it was just the 13th… that can’t be right… (no seriously, as i scheduled this post that was going on in my head.) oh em gosh, where have i been???
this has been my life this week.
but there have been a few things that have been my joy through the floating & bobbling.
i cannot complain about being a mommy while being sick. harper has been amazing (i swear she just understands – she has a compassionate little heart) and is such an easy baby to parent while sick. 
{except when she refuses to take a nap. LIKE RIGHT NOW.}  
so these are the things that have made my heart happy and relieved my icky-ness this week:

1. her smell when we get her out of the bath. her clean, slippery little body all wrapped up in a towel. the smell of her lotion as we rub it on her arms, her precious leg rolls and teeny toes. the sight of this little girl, already so big, taking her first big girl bath. watching her play with her little ducky, discovering how she can splash around in the water, clearly loving it.

2. holding her in the middle of the night, helping her calm down and feel better after she woke up crying. the smell of her breath in my face as she cries. the feeling of her growing weak in my arms, finally knowing that everything is okay now that mommy is here. the sound of her murmurs as she starts to doze off, her head growing heavy on my chest.

3. watching a spring storm on our back deck. listening to her daddy explain to her about the rain: the smell of it, what it is, and why her mommy loves it so much.

4. on the floor with harper, watching her so close to crawling. seeing her instead choose to roll everywhere. watching her push herself up into sitting position, amazed.

so my week hasn’t been that bad, even with the fevers, the deep chest coughing and the constant whining to nurse hubby for more orange juice. what a joy to have a little buddy to cheer me up!

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3 Responses to there are no sick days in mommyland

  1. Pat Chapman says:

    you are truly blessed. and Harper is blessed beyond belief to have such a positive, faithful and loving mom

    spoken like a true YaYa!

    The Mahm

  2. team us says:

    Hanalei Lamar Myers commented on this post via Facebook. “Love it, now that I’m a mommy I completely understand!!!”

  3. team us says:

    Caroline Moody Davis commented on your post.
    Caroline wrote: “LUV the pic of harper in the tub! She’s precious!!!”

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