she may not like being a girl

i hope that i am wrong, but it seems like my little girl might not like dress up. well, at least not yet.
MY daughter, the offspring of a musical theater participant & lover. the child of a frequent skit character/ham/actor. the baby of a former fashion student and high heel devotee.
::throws hands up in defeat::
i’m sure she will come around at some point, but for now, she’s not havin’ it.

“well, while i AM here, i may as well pose.”

we then attempted to introduce her to some huge, anna wintour-ish sunglasses.
we couldn’t get her to keep still long enough to get them to stay on her face.

let me go ahead and confirm what you are thinking.
YES, we are those parents that try hats and sunglasses on their babies while in a gift shop while the other spouse takes pictures. because we think it’s cute.
yes, we are that family.

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3 Responses to she may not like being a girl

  1. You crack me up!! P.s. Harper looks just like you!!

  2. Caroline says:

    Pure preciousness. She is so stinkin’ cute!! Are these pictures from the Big Cedar gift shop? I miss that place!

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