apparently, one flavor is not enough.

so for the last few weeks, we have tried introducing the “sippy cup”.
well, it’s not really a sippy cup. not quite.
the one we have that we’re starting out with has a bottle nipple (yes, i just said NIPPLE) but the tip is pinched. in the shape of a sippy… um, tip.

as you probably know by now, i am an awesome mom, and did not try to give my daughter lame old water in her cup. oh no, no.
i had just juiced a few lovely pears and poured this pure, unsweetened goodness into her recently & lovingly handwashed cup.

this is how it went the last time i tried it.

now mind you, harper was in a fantastic mood pre-juice-attempt.
i shared this FAIL with the baby daddy and he thought he had a better idea on getting fluids into our little one…

he thought she needed all of the 23 flavors that dr pepper offers, instead of the natural, healthy stuff that only offers a measly singular flavor.
yeah. in his dreams.
my child won’t be touching sugar, MUCH LESS that high fructose crap, until she’s thirty.

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One Response to apparently, one flavor is not enough.

  1. team us says:

    Jessica Stanford Nokes commented on your post.
    Jessica wrote: “She’s so darn cute – even when she’s mad! And, are those Dr. Weil’s cups?”

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