i done won an award. cuz i’m awesome.

i have received my very first blogger award! ::pats self on back::
my sweet friend, katie, over at life in the fulmer lane, has given me the stylish blogger award. (in case you were wondering, we are friends in real life, not just bloggy buddies.) which is ridiculously sweet, since i am a new mom who feels like her personal style is in a sort of limbo right now… also, because my blog does not look so much “stylish” right now. yes, we have a fabulous header that the hubs designed. but the whole blog design, notsomuch.
thank you so much, dear friend! just like you, i feel mucho especial.

i hear when you receive this award, the rules are to:
1. thank and link back to the person who awarded you
2. share 7 things about yourself
3. pass award on to bloggers you think are fantastic
4. contact those bloggers and tell them about the award

so here are the 7 things about mahself…

1. i really hate having my nose touched. HATE.

also, i have really sensitive ears so if you go in to hug me and you’re excitedly talking, i will wait until you are finished being loud. then i will hug you and let you near mah ears.

2. i love classic rock. like, really love.

led zeppelin, guns n roses, pink floyd, van halen… it’s true.
and i think a lot of even my close friends might not know this about me. so i guess this is my time to come out of the closet, so to speak. but i guess you’d find out if you drove past me in my car (whose station is always set to 97.3 rock of the ozarks) and saw me rocking out. 
yes, i do live in the midwest right now.
but no, i do not get into nascar. nor do i own a 1967 camaro. 

3. i really have a hard time taking serious or posed pictures. honestly, i would much rather take a goofy one.
and you can only be my friend if you can be my accomplice:

4. i love the people who raised me. and the guy who was raised with me. a lot.
and they are all hams with me as well. which is why i love them.

sadly, this last photo doesn’t include my new sister. but i can assure you, we wouldn’t have let her into the family if she wasn’t a nut. see HERE.

5. i may be a traitor to my gender, but i don’t particularly like to shop. unless it’s for my business/clients – I LOVE to shop for projects… sofas, mirrors, lamps, rugs, faucets, FAAABRIC…!!! ::head explodes::
in that same vein, i cannot tell you how many photographs i have of bathrooms, restaurants, lobbies all over the world that i loved & thought might bring me future inspiration.

i once made my husband pose & hold out his hand against a lampshade so that when i got home i could tell the size of it.

6. i might be the only kid in my generation that has never been to disney. i have strangely also never been to florida. BUT i have traveled well in my 30 years, so far. i am a huge lover of travel (i used to say my dream job would be a travel & food writer. you think travel & leisure is hiring??), especially foreign. a few of the places the boo and i have enjoyed are:


london, several times

and mexico, more times than we can count

7. best thing about me? THIS.

and finally, i award these lovely blogging ladies the stylish blogger award:
chantel over at mrs merry mack
ashley over at the robbins’ nest
rachel over at the sparks’ perfect chaos
laura over at the life of love
callie over at la gioia de vivere
caitlin over at hello hines family
shelly over at 4 god be the glory
leah over at the little men
jen over at the sonntag family
bronwyn over @ at the end of the bend
jennafer over at the adventures of brady, jen & the moo
and of course, The Mahm!
make sure you follow the rules above… now get to it! xoxo

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5 Responses to i done won an award. cuz i’m awesome.

  1. Pat Chapman says:

    love it! you never cease to make me laugh, be encouraged, or just be plain proud of you! kudos!

  2. katie says:

    YEAH you did! sorry i forgot rule number 4 … WROOPS!

    love you friend. and LOVE that mahm has a blog!!!

  3. Hey Friend!,
    Thanks so much for the award. I am honored! I just hope I could come close to being able to be on the same level with the style and wittiness of your blog. Miss you and would love to hang out soon!

  4. thank you so much for the honor! you are so sweet! harper is a doll. hope you’re having a wonderful sunday. 🙂

  5. B Hesson says:

    Hi dear 🙂 I knew you had gone to Mexico a few times, and hubby and I are planning a trip (maybe there!) but I wanted your input on the best/most affordable places to go. Help! 🙂 Email me if you can. Thanks!

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