the smiles after the blizzard

while we were in kansas last week, we had some pretty sick weather.
but not the good sick.
this texas girl can honestly say she has never seen snow like that. at least not beyond the ski slopes.
never have i seen it so thick and deep! it was nuts.
we were at geoff’s aunt’s house at the beginning of the storm and then were at matt and sarah’s for the rest of it.
the day after we got to their house, geoff went out to help matt shovel their driveway. i thought this might be a fun opportunity for hannah to go out with me and the boys so that i could take pictures. (harper was napping and i figured she wouldn’t really be that into making snow angels.)
(i’m not sure if i’ve told you, but i got a camera for christmas.
a SWEEET camera. 
a camera i was reallllly wanting.
i am constantly playing with it, trying to figure it out and learn all the things i am able to do with it. so, this was the real reason i wanted to go out and take pictures in the snow!)

geoff starting a BIG job…

it was crazy DEEP, y’all.

you could not. even. see. the street…

hannah was pretty excited to get out and help shovel…

THEN she saw what she was up against.

yet she pressed onward, climbing the mountains of snow. (her cute little feet kept getting completely swallowed by the deep snow.) 

it’s kinda hard to walk in this stuff…

now to find the perfect spot…

i think this is where she was trying to get me to stop taking pictures of her. so she tried to throw snow at me… alas, it blew away with the breeze.

meanwhile, the boys are still hard at work…

(check out the snow in these shots: in the first, the snow in the air. in the second, the snow on the ground that she is kicking up. LOVING this camera!)

oh, and did i mention you couldn’t even see their front steps?

she’s shy of the camera but hams it up with daddy…


after he set her down, she sank down into the snow and fell face first into the snow. then she couldn’t get up!

oh, hannah – don’t you know daddies always come to the rescue?

she was frozen through but i think she loved every minute.

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