i love 1974. a lot.

we’ve got a birthday in the hizzy, y’all!!!
today geoffrey alan todd, my beloved, is 37 years old.
he was born to a coach and a teacher in littleton, colorado and grew up in aurora, colorado.

i met this hot guy in oklahoma city in january 2002, started dating the following june, were engaged by that november and were married on june 14, 2003.

we had nearly seven fun, quirky, challenging years together before we became parents this past may.

this man truly challenges me. he supports me.
when i wanted to start my own business in 2006, he encouraged me through the whole thing (even though he knew we might lose money at the start). when he goes out of town, it is not unlikely that he will leave me post it notes all around the house, saying things like “i’m so proud of you”.
he even supports my texas longhorns (well, unless they’re playing kansas).
i can honestly say he is my biggest fan.

he makes me pee in my pants the way he makes me laugh.
he is an incredibly loyal friend, he is a worker with integrity.
he has a huge servant’s heart. during the last 5 days he has shoveled his brother’s driveway, his aunt’s, and ours TWICE. (shoveled SNOW, for all of you southerners wondering what that means).

and, man, he loves me so well. on our anniversary in 2006, just after we moved to branson and started at kamp, he put pices of paper ALL over kamp that said “i love wifey” (seriously, there were hundreds).

i never thought it would be possible to see a daddy love a little girl the way he loves his daughter.
he is total mush for her.

and i cannot wait for the day a young fellow will come a-callin’ on harper some day…
he will be so protective, so fiercely caring.
and, OBviously, he’s hot.

my boo, i love you. i thought you were hot before we’d even met. i am so blessed by the way you love me and it brings joy to my heart to watch you with our daughter. i will joyfully celebrate your life today and i will everyday for the rest of my life.

enough blogging…
off to celebrate!

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3 Responses to i love 1974. a lot.

  1. Pat Chapman says:

    I cannot even imagine a more amazing husband for our daughter, a more dedicated father for our granddaughter than Geoffrey Alan Todd. AND a loving/funny/talented/patient/open/creative man to be our Add-On. Wow. We love him!

  2. I love your clever wording! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GT!!!!!!! Celebrating in Sunny Florida by shoveling ice cream in our guts… not snow on our driveways!!!!! 🙂 Have a great one!

  3. dad says:

    I thank God for the man called AddOn!

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