the little baller and the green monster

as (i think) all of you know by now, the offspring of team us is an internet phenomenon.
really. i mean, seriously. she’s HUGE.
(we have gotten such wonderful support from all of you so far with this video contest – thank you! and keep voting once a day through this monday, february 7th…WE NEED YOU to clinch 2nd place!!)

we had such a blast making this video with our friend, tim. (well, geoff and harper did – i was just the “mamarazzi”.)
tim is uber gifted in the videography department (it is his career afterall), so he did ALL the editing and was such a blessing to have help us.
since y’all are part of the team us fan club i thought i’d show you how all of the magic was made and give you a special look at the making of “harper’s touchdown dance”… 

miss harper in her greenroom getting into her costume:

there was some serious equipment involved, people:

our living room looked like harpo studios…

our little star, getting her nerves calmed by daddy as they rehearsed lines:

getting directions from the director:

she’s a very good little listener…

she’s ready for her close up…

me, trying to get harper’s attention. 
“lllook up here! lllook up here!” (three amigos, anyone??)

G getting into the green suit to film all of the is-harper-dancing-all-by-herself-? scenes:

don’t be afraid of the green monster…

wow, daddy. that’s tight…

maybe if i can figure this thing out, i could finally watch the teevee…

how the infamous touchdown dance was made…

and now for the flip…

not really able to tell if that’s my daddy in the green leotard..

ohmahgosh that face…

attempting to invoke the grande finale “WINK”


and that, folks, is the behind-the-scenes footage from the touchdown dance contest…
now GO VOTE!

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2 Responses to the little baller and the green monster

  1. Shelley says:

    Hi 🙂 I came over from Life In The Fulmer Lane and just wanted to let you know that you have my vote! Good luck to “Team Us”!

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