today i met the blizzard of Oz.

aaaand we’re back. well, kind of.
back to the blog.
oh, my dear blog i have missed you! i never thought i would miss posting on a blog so much.
but life without wireless internet? yep. i knew i would miss that.

where the heck have we been, you ask? WELLLL.
this past friday we arrived in kansas for one of geoff’s afterdark events, that was going be held at KU tonight (sadly, the event had to be cancelled because of the major snow storm that hit yesterday).
since friday we have been staying at his aunt’s house, with no wireless internet. this equals no blogging (::pouty face::)
so we have been spending our days with sweet aunt deanie, who we don’t get to see much of when we come to lawrence.
today geoff’s brother, matt, needed to go pick up their second car from the shop so my honey went with him. on the way back, they came and picked harper and me up to take us over to their house for the night. we were so excited! 

if you have been watching the news or do not live under a rock in your backyard, you know that the midwest was hit hard with a big snowstorm (or the “blizzard of oz” or the “SNOWtorious b.i.g.” or the “snowpocalypse”). kansas was (and still is, as i type this) getting hit super hard, and lemme tellya… this texas girl has never seen anything like what is going on outside our window. EVA.
see fo yoself (also, this picture was taken at noon, people. NOON.)…

this was taken around 3 when geoff and matt came to get us girls & take us to their house. we stopped at the grocery store on the way…

the craziness about these pictures? it was not getting any better. around the time i took the last picture, it was still coming down in a gusty TWO INCHES per hour! i can’t wait to see what it will look like in the morning…
when harper looked outside, she didn’t quite know what to make of it.

then, the lady got all bundled up to brave the cold, white world…

i think she was pretty excited to get out of the house.

cabin fever: cured!

on an even more exciting note, harper went to her first KU basketball game on saturday! if you know anything about my husband, you know that this was one of her top firsts that she will probably EVER have. well, and one of his top firsts: taking his daughter, his firstborn, to her first kansas game.) and one of our friends had his jersey retired at halftime with a reception after the game, so it was a pretty special night. (i’ll post about the game this weekend.)

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One Response to today i met the blizzard of Oz.

  1. Elizabeth says:

    I am sure he was SOOOO excited the WHOLE game!!! haha! I can see it now!

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