harper needs your validation

“BABY DADDY in the house with a guest blog…WOOT, WOOT”

So you know how formative kids are and how much we as parents are responsible for the ultimate development of our child’s self-esteem, right?  Well, we have asked our babygirl to slip on her dancin’ shoes (which just so happen to be the cutest little Chuck Taylors eva) and entertain the world.  We need your help to make it known how special she is…..

OK, OK…we actually just want you to enjoy this REALLY fun video and vote for it.  (she knows how special she is already b/c we tell her like 50 million times a day).   We did this video with a friend of ours named Tim for a contest from “Food Should Taste Good” and it’s potentially worth $10,000.  It’s all voter based and you can vote once a day through Feb. 7th.  PLEASE take a second and check out this video…if you dig it vote for us as many days as you can.  We’ll post a follow up later with the behind the scenes photos of “the making of Harper’s Touchdown Dance”.  Thanks in advance for any and all votes / support you provide.  To vote Click Here (in addition if you’d like to stay up on the progress here’s the facebook event)


"Vote for me and my first word might be your name"

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3 Responses to harper needs your validation

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  2. Alexandra Harden says:

    Cutest. Thing. Ever.

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