christmas in texas – part tres

christmas is finally here!
(or this was my thought SEVERAL weeks ago. thanks for bearing with me and reading these so long after the actual events!)
we have YET ANOTHER family tradition. when we were kids, my mom would always get a picture of us coming up the stairs christmas morning. then one day, that picture included geoff.
then it included a pregnant yours truly.
and this year it included my new baby and my new sister too!

we kind of like to ham it up a little in my family…
already obvious? oh, ok.

umm ok in this shot, i am “running up the stairs”, not pretending to hold a microphone and serenade everyone with carols.
so after our big entrance, us girls went to the kitchen to work on the cinnamon rolls.

although harper in the kitchen makes it pretty hard to focus on anything other than her.

you would think this guy (geoff’s dad, grandpa terry) had lots of daughters as much and as well as he loves on harper (he had two sons and now has 3 granddaughters!)
after making breakfast – well, brunch – it was time for presents.
we were all so blessed and i had a blast watching everyone open all their goodies.
especially mah little lady.

oh, look – another chapman tradtition:
my dad wearing his presents. or the wrapping. or both.

every year it happens. and every year it’s hilarious.
especially the year he got bright green underwear.
and they weren’t the boxer kind…
for much of the present opening time, harper was happy as a clam in her exersaucer (that we borrowed from some good friends in austin).

and of course posing for pictures.

it was an all-around wonderful christmas.
lots and lots of family, cold winter walks, christmas lights, hot chocolate & snuggles on the couch…

it was just what we all needed…
good, relaxing family time before the big nuptials coming up in 2 weeks (then)…
for these two!

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4 Responses to christmas in texas – part tres

  1. i love that you always use lowercase letters too. yay for us! 🙂

  2. Pat Chapman says:

    oh yes that’s a beautiful family………..

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