christmas in texas – part dos

on christmas eve, we all went to the service at my home church in austin.
when we first got there and the service began, harper was so into it. all the lights, the music, people all around.
then: see picture above. she was OUT.
luckily, she woke up before my favorite part: the candle lighting.
it gets passed around the entire sanctuary and the sight when everyone has a lit candle?
incredibly beautiful.

when the service was over, we headed home to another chapman family tradition…
yep, for christmas eve dinner. and MAN were they delicious!
sadly, my daughter as not reached the milestone yet when she gets to eat tamales, so she had to settle for some equally delicious oatmeal cereal… 

after dinner, my mom and i put together the dough for the cinnamon rolls – this is yet another christmas tradition we have. although, this year was the first year we made them from scratch. having just made them myself, i knew we had to make this our new tradition.

before bed, as we were sitting enjoying the eggnog i had just made my dad and husband run out and get at the store on christmas eve (luckily they made it 3 minutes before the store closed), geoff’s parents announced they had brought something.
they said they knew we were big on stockings and they knew they had to bring some. but nothing ordinary or “normal”.
we waited on the edges of our seats as they went downstairs to retrieve what we knew would be something good.
they came back up with this…

and this…

and don’t you worry. they were singing stockings. they each played a different elvis song and we had quite a laugh listening to them.
such a wonderful way to spend christmas eve, with both of our families.
and with both our families crying with laughter.

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2 Responses to christmas in texas – part dos

  1. Crystal says:

    omgosh!!!!!!!!! I love it! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perfect gift idea for the Elvis obsessed in my fam!!! hehehhehe Your daughter is just the bees knees!


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