christmas in texas 2010 – part uno

as many of you know, we spent christmas in austin – the greatest, most glorious city there is. mostly because it’s home. 
and yes, because we are awesome, this was our second christmas this year. (remember christmas in kansas?)
one of the best parts of the holiday this year was all the family we were able to spend it with. geoff’s parents, terry and nancy, came to austin to celebrate christmas eve, day and the day after with us. then we had all of the preparations for my brother’s wedding on january 8th, and the week up to that spent helping out, taking pictures and meeting/bonding with new family.
so i’ll start with the beginning, christmas.
the colorado crazies came in late on the 23rd, same as the missouri crazies (yours truly, geoff, harper and the puppy).
while we were in austin, as you know, we had to go downtown and experience the lights on 37th street (just like last year).

in case you missed that post and are supremely confused by the pictures below, there is a street in austin where every resident decorates big for christmas with lights and oddities in their front yard. some years they are AHmazing, and some years are off years.
this year was kind of in between. and we went the night after christmas, so there weren’t but a few people out. i realized this is one of the great things about this austinite tradition – the kids running around, the hordes of people with their mugs of hot chocolate, gawking and pointing at the nutty creations the 37th streeters have come up with. this year it was just the eight and a half of us, wandering up 37th street in the cold, hoping some of them had left their lights on just one more night for us.

man, it was cold that night.
hmmm, and apparently i have the wrong color of under eye concealer… HELLO!

the sock monkeys make an appearance every year.
and you KNOW terry & nancy were all, “oh, you texas people just THINK it’s cold out here.”

my brother, my new sister and team us plus one.
yes, i am the weirdo with my daughter’s stroller blanket wrapped around my neck.
(HEY i’m a good mommy because i thought it would be good to have it in case the little lady got too cold. it seems mommy was the weenie that  night…)

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4 Responses to christmas in texas 2010 – part uno

  1. Bronwyn Rapp says:

    Oh gosh, Lindsay, I totally relate to your comment of the wrong color eye concealer…because I have some of those pictures too. In the mirror it looks fine, when you see the picture, then you realize it is bad. I’m there with ya gal!

  2. wait, did you ever make a button?! i came here wanting one! : )

    what a sweet christmas! a baby’s 1st is always so sweet! i adore the header picture… you guys are precious.

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