let’s go back. way back.

so i am sure all of you are just dying to know what team us has been doing for the holidays.
well, i will not force you to wait any longer.
the secrets are about to be revealed, the excitement explained, the travels shared.
so sit back, relax, and strap on your seatbelt… you’ve never been on a ride like this before…
oh wait those are the lyrics to the tootsie roll (old school rap, anyone?).

ok, ok.
so way back in mid-december (seems like forever ago… well, i guess it was last year), we went to kansas to celebrate christmas with geoff’s family. as always, the highlight was giving hannah all of her christmas presents. i so enjoy searching and finding the perfect presents for hannah all year. sarah usually tells us the things she is wanting and we go out and get them, plus a few other goodies. this year, hannah wanted a doctor kit, “dress up stuff”, and “things she can do on her own” (as sarah described, since hannah was about to get a little sister who was going to need a lot of mom’s time). so we got her the doctor kit she wanted, and then i saw this precious dollhouse that i had to get for her. and you know every little girl needs a magic wand, so i HAD to get her one of those (from this awesome shop on etsy).

it was so fun to see the excitement and surprise on her face!

hannah loved the wand. she ran around, waving it in the air, and made sure it was placed gently on the floor right next to her before opening the other gifts.

while we were in kansas, grandpa terry wanted to feed harper her first bananas… since they are a food he cannot live without even for one day. (terry says, “know why they’re my favorite? because they’re a-peel-ing.”)

and harps squeezed in (hahaha, me so funny) some good cuddle time with her great grandma, who is a whopping 98 years old!

when we weren’t opening wonderful presents and eating wonderful food, we were watching every move sarah made.
her due date was january 3rd and i was convinced that she was going to “go” early.
after going to kansas on the weekend of december 17th & 18th, we got the call REALLY early on tuesday morning (the morning after the lunar eclipse) that sarah had had her little girl!
so not even 2 days after we had left kansas, we were driving back to meet our new niece. (we decided to leave for our texas christmas a few days early, drive to kansas to meet the baby, then head straight down I35 to austin.)
before 5 am on december 21st, amelia corinne was born….

we got there as soon as we could to hold the little bundle.

geoff with his new little niece.

all the while, harper was sitting in the bed with aunt sarah contemplating her loss of the “new baby of the family” position…

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