he should win an award

i hope you all had a very merry christmas! 
i still cannot believe that it’s already past. it always goes by too quickly…
for those of you who are interested, i wanted to share our christmas card that the brilliant hubby designed.
we had a “photo shoot” of sorts with a good friend of ours and it was a near disaster. the little girl was on-the-verge for most of the shoot, then was in full-on meltdown for the last part of it.
hence the blessed pacifier.
and the one day our friend could take the pictures, our sweet hurley was super sick (with some allergic reaction in her ears) so she looks extremely forlorn in the back shot.
but of course, the boo is genius, working with what we had from the pictures from the shoot.
i love how they turned out!
(you can click on the picture to see it bigger.)

and the back side:

aren’t they awesome?
and thank you to the extraordinary human being that invented the pacifier…

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3 Responses to he should win an award

  1. team us says:

    Kim Maguire commented on your post.
    Kim wrote: “Wow! Adorable!”

  2. team us says:

    Camille Gonzalez commented on your photo.

    Camille wrote:
    “ditto, can you please design mine when I need one:)”

  3. team us says:

    Jennifer Sonntag posted on your Wall.

    Jennifer wrote:
    “i loooooooooove your christmas card! it made me laugh out loud! miss you!”

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