cold nights, good friends & cinnamon rolls

thank goodness for good friends in a small town.
and extra thanks of goodness for friends who like to cook & bake with you!
my sweet friend rachel and i got together on wednesday to make cinnamon rolls. i knew the recipe made A LOT so i planned for her to keep part of them and then i wanted to keep some for myself (duh) and then take some to a friend of mine who just had a baby. 
i made the dough the day before because it’s a lot easier to work with when its been refrigerated overnight. then i went over and we did all the fun stuff together.

this is my beautiful dough that i loved and cared for overnight…

these were the sweet assistants (ella & holland) that made their way into the kitchen when they heard what we were making…

and other than rachel and the girls, this was my favorite assistant (the one in red).

so the big girls (and our big guns) rolled out the dough

until it was thin and ready for some sprinkling of sugary deliciousness…

then we let the little helpers come in and assist with the cinnamon sprinkling (in this picture is hadley, whose mom is melissa over at choosing one life)

they did quite a nice job

(of course harper wanted to help too.)
and did i mention this recipe makes A LOT of cinnamon rolls? (this picture shows about half of the pans we filled.)

it’s amazing how delicious they looked even before we baked them.

this was the saddest part of our night: saying goodbye, i will never eat you to most of the icing, as we put it in ziploc bags for our friends who would be getting the yummy goodness.

when we took them out of the oven, we were bursting with pride at our culinary achievement.
i mean look at them…

i probably don’t have to tell you that they didn’t last very long…

we very quickly tasted our hard work… and it tasted soooo good.

did i make your mouth water?

if you have not made This Recipe, or if you love cinnamon rolls – follow the link, print the recipe and make it right now.

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3 Responses to cold nights, good friends & cinnamon rolls

  1. Julianne says:

    I knew it. The moment I saw “cinnamon rolls”, I just knew you were making PDub’s finest recipe! Did you make her maple/coffee icing, too? I love it, but my boys just want traditional sugar icing. It makes me sad. Making these rolls is on the to do list this week!

    Looks like fun, wish we could have a baking extravaganza like this – maybe in the Thom’s kitchen. 🙂

  2. team us says:

    we did make her icing… have you made it and had the boys try it? it does not taste super=mapleY or coffee ish… promise! this said by a purist on lots of things. (at first we made it sans coffee and maple flavoring, and it just tasted like powered sugar icing – good but boring. so we took her word for it and it was SO WORTH IT. seriously get them to try it.)

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