happy tanksgibbing. dobble dobble.

happy late thanksgiving, friends!
(or as our 3 year old niece, hannah says “happy tanksgibbing.” and the turkey says what hannah? “dobble dobble.”)
our little family unit spent the holiday – harper’s first! – in kansas with geoff’s family.
the brockmans, my sister-in-law’s parents, invited us to join them for thanksgiving dinner, along with geoff’s parents and aunt and sarah’s sister, laura. it was a fantastic dinner (i wish i had taken pictures of the meal that the ladies slaved over, it was DEElicious! and i DIED for the turkey) and it was a wonderful time spent with family.
check out the sweet place cards hannah made for all of us:

harper had to get in a pre-dinner cuddle with her daddy…

and there’s that tongue again…

hannah making sure harper is getting her tummy time

so precious!

“hey guys, i think baby hahpoh needs huh binkie.”

hannah has begun to hatch a plan…

she had us all get in a line…

and the game of wikki stix train had begun!

after a tiring game of train, harper is relaxing with grandma and grandpa…

then YOU KNOW we had to take some family photos, since we were all together… here are the shots in order of how the shoot went:
we are all getting in, gary (far left, sarah’s dad) is quite amused. or amusING. maybe both.

“deanie come sit down… and where’s matt? matt?!”

so lindsay is taking the picture? well, how’s she going to get in the photo in time, terry?
(notice everyone laughing, and geoff looking rather skeptical.) 

and i actually made it in in time. now all the doubters know who is AWESOME.

the todds, thanksgiving 2010

the thanksgiving 2010 team us family portrait

whew. made it.
now NO MORE smiling and no more portraits.
at least for 4 more weeks.
at least.

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4 Responses to happy tanksgibbing. dobble dobble.

  1. Hi Lindsay, my name is Lindsay too. I stumbled upon your blog from Bronwnyn Rapp’s blog, Bronwnyn and I know each other from KU. I know your husband from Kanakuk. In fact, my husband and yours played ball together at KU I think. I worked with Matt Todd at K-1 many years ago, and then we lived around the corner from him a few years ago. Anyway, lots of connections, so I wanted to say “hi!”. What a small world!

  2. team us says:

    Nancy Todd commented on your photo.

    Nancy wrote:
    “what a blessing Harper is to all of us. fun Thanksgiving and Christmas memories for 2010!”

  3. team us says:

    Megan Musselman commented on your photo.

    Megan wrote:
    “oh my goodness…this picture (with the tongue) is precious!”

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