the wombat is 6 months old.

on november 26th, harper story turned 6 months old.
i cannot believe it has been half of a year since we were blessed with this little life.
she is such a joyful baby and we are continuing to see her character and her personality start to blossom.

so without further ado, here are the now world-famous (i’m sure) monthly chair pictures…

it’s getting kinda hard to take pictures of the punkin lately…
she always reaches out for the camera:

hey look mom, i haz toes…

and a tongue…

oh look, toes again…

now gimme a hug, mommy…

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6 Responses to the wombat is 6 months old.

  1. Dani Williams says:

    TOO, TOO CUTE…gosh I just wanna hold that cute lil bug and squeeze her!!!!

  2. Pat Chapman says:

    wish i could send this anonymously because it sounds like i’m biased… i mean i am one of the g’mothers…BUT she is simply the most adorable, beautiful, precious WOMBAT ever!

  3. Tracy says:

    Ok, so most of the time I think babies sort of look the same for about a year…
    Hope you guys are doing great! Merry Christmas!
    Trash 🙂

  4. Aunt Marte says:

    The cutest baby in the world grows even cuter every day. Congratulations!

  5. Mom Todd says:

    This little wombat is the cutest 6 month old in Missouri! She definitely has a toe fetish so we’ll have to see if that leads to joining the flip flop generation as she gets older!

    I love the open arm pic as she reaches out to the world to spread love!

    Touches a grandma and grandpa’s hearts……..i think i hear her gigglin!

  6. team us says:

    Caitlin Hines commented: i love the one of her eating her toes! so cute 🙂
    December 1 at 10:20am via Facebook

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