let me have my strike…and eat my cake.

so i was super mad at my husband when we walked into the highball, a super chic bowling & dining spot in austin, on the saturday night before my birthday.
we were “going to get sushi” for my birthday dinner at this place called umi, which is apparently super hard to get reservations at for dinner.
my mom wanted to stop in this fabric store across the street from umi “real quick” to have me look at a fabric for her kitchen chairs. 
sidenote: harper had not gotten a really good nap in a day or so, so once she fell asleep in the car on the way there, i was STOKED. 
so when we pulled in to a parking space in front of the fabric store only to find it’s closed, i’m thinking to kill time before our dinner reservations i would just drive around the parking lot for a bit to let the little girl sleep a bit longer before a crazy night celebrating ME (well, i assumed).
at this moment, my mom is also a little irritated at my dad because (it seemed) he wasn’t parking where she wanted him to park. then i got a little ticked with geoff because he got out of the car and proceeded to TAKE HARPER & HER CARSEAT OUT OF THE CAR WHILE SHE WAS STILL ASLEEP. (when you do this, she inevitably wakes up within five minutes FYI. and he knows this.)
my dad suggests we go into this place just down from the fabric store for a drink before our dinner reservations… so i, IN A HUFF, follow my parents to this place (whatever) with geoff trailing with my exhausted, sleeping daugher behind me.
i walk past the window and look in to see a quite cool place, but of course i say nothing because i am pissed.  

i walk in the front doors to see lacey and taylor, two of my best friends sitting at the bar that is right in front of the entrance. i’m thinking, WHAT ARE THE ODDS they’re here tonight too? then my eye scans down the barstools, amanda… katie… my brother… sarah kate… julie… jen…
it is starting to click.
it is NOT random that they all happen to be here the same night we randomly chose to come here before dinner…
it’s a surprise. they’re here for me!

needless to say we had a blast that night.
bowling, skeeball, BOWLING SHOES?!
yes please!
and i probably don’t need to tell you that this girl had her fair share of strikes. oh yeah.
(i think i had one the entire night.)

this is harper and me with jen (we call her jeffiner and have ever since 1999),  my roommate from college…

mah daddy bowlin’… (and no longer in the doghouse. apparently, The Mahm was irritated because he drove right past the bowling place before finding a parking spot, so she was freaking out thinking i would see everyone inside.)

snacking & chatting in between rolls… (why yes, i was nursing when this picture was being taken. thanks mom.)

my new sister, sarah kate, and my brother…

it was basically a girl party…

sarah kate with jeffiner…

yes, my husband is about to bowl while holding our almost-6-month old baby…

katie and taylor, 2 of my best friends from high school days…

back row: The Mahm with harper, sarah kate &  julie, my uncle dan’s wife
front row: jeffiner, katie, taylor, lacey, the birthday girl & amanda 

YEAH THAT’S RIGHT.  even the bowling balls are fans.

a whole lot of cuteness for a bowling alley…

family pic!
sorry, uncle dan. you get sick, you miss out on family photo ops.
i bet you’re pretty bummed…

final tally:
amazing friends – check
thoughtful family – check
best 30th birthday anyone’s ever had – check!

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2 Responses to let me have my strike…and eat my cake.

  1. Rose says:

    I’m an avid reader of your blog. Found your blog while we were both knocked up and followed ever since. Our daughters are only a few weeks apart and I think it’s amazing that we also share the same birthday!

    Happy belated! 🙂

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