it’s mah birthday.

the rumors are true. 
today is my birthday, folks.
as my uncle dan put it, i am now on the threshold of my fourth decade.
i am 30 today. and it feels good.
i got to become a mom this year. we celebrated the seventh wedding anniversary of team us. our marriage was (and still) is the best it’s ever been.
oh, and of course hurley had her 4th birthday. (and you know my old man/hubby turned 36!)
a friend of mine said when you become 30, you are officially a “woman”. (ummm, but can i still be “girly”?)
so in remembrance of my birth – and how frakkin cute i was as a baby – here is my gift to you… straight from texas, summer of 1981: 

so feel free to leave hordes of comments and send gifts & cupcakes &  flowers (my favorite flower is the peony).
or just stand up at your computer, throw your hands up, dance around and shout “aahhh yeahhh… go lindsay, it’s ya birthday! go lindsay, it’s ya birthday…”

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4 Responses to it’s mah birthday.

  1. dad says:

    Let’s see, if you’re 30, then I must be……………BLESSED to have the very greatest daughter in the WHOLE WORLD !!!!!!
    Happy Birthday Little Bit!

  2. Pat Chapman says:

    Hey Pumpkin, Chickapin, Blondie, LB, Little Bit, Sugar, Dollface….aka Lindsay Blair Chapman Todd. A great day to celebrate!

  3. Aunt Marte says:

    I REMEMBER the day you were born. Getting a call in Houston of the glad tidings. So, my sweet and beautiful niece, Happy Birthday!! Sorry to miss the bowling extravaganza in Austin, but see ya soon for the grand, and in TX fashion, most royal wedding. I’m so proud of all you’ve accomplished—great husband, awesome baby, well-behaved and loved dog, successful business….and you’re still just adorable (and girly to boot). Aunt Marte

  4. Mary Ann Holland says:

    So good to see you in Austin – Happy Birthday!

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