can i hold her? can i hold her?

we were in kansas last month (oh, wait. that was almost 2 months ago) visiting family and spending time with geoff’s grandfather. it was wonderful time with family and timing was good – his grandpa passed away less than a week after we’d gotten to see him. so harper got to meet her great-grandfather! and of course, hannah got more time holding harper… (this seems like the type of photograph that gets taken the most these days. so precious.)

geoff’s dad’s side of the family is from a super small town called louisburg.
the coolest thing about the town?
the famous louisburg cider mill.
(this means cider slushies and cider donuts, Y’ALL!! yes, ma’am, i’ll take two more. just slap it on my outer thighs thankyouverymuch.)
so we did what any normal family does at a cider mill.
we took pictures with the pumpkins.

hannah always knows when the cameras are on her…

then we went to lawrence (home of the wave-the-wheaters, otherwise known as the jayhawks) for a few days after to hang out with harper’s favorite cousin. YOU KNOW her daddy, who bleeds blue and crimson, had me taking portrait shots of him and his daughter in front of the KU flag on top of the oread building.

i wonder what he’ll do if she ever gets her heart set on going to kansas state? or GOD FORBID mizzou…??

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7 Responses to can i hold her? can i hold her?

  1. Jen says:


    I was reading this post and couldn’t help but think this totally could have come from me! I had no idea you married a Jayhawk. Nick is a die hard fan. Aren’t they all?? Anyways, glad you went to the cider mill. We went at the beginning of October. LOVE those donuts and cider.

    Harper is so precious and I love the new header.


  2. team us says:

    thanks friend! we lurve us some cider slushies and donuts! and seriously? jayhawks fans? ain’t none like ’em. i love that you know where i am coming from (i am the only non-ku grad in the whole family!!).

  3. steve says:

    lindsay, darlin,
    i am SO happy for you! you have such a great little family now. hannah is just BEAUTIFUL, as we knew she would be. we know the manhattan/lawrence area well, having gone to many football games down there when my huskers were playing. i love the atmosphere in those towns!
    thanks for sharing your life with those of us far away who love you!
    steve and susan
    down home in alabama

  4. steve says:

    oops! i think i meant to say “harper”

  5. team us says:

    we miss you steve & susan! thanks for stopping by and reading the blog, it means so much to us. COME VISIT!! we love you.

  6. Oooh, pretty blog. I love the pictures. I love your words. Your daughter is gorgeous. I’ll be back.

  7. Brooke Easter Pfeuffer says:

    Lindsay, this is Brooke Easter (Katie Butler’s roommate), also known as the girl who went on the date with Corbett (the one you can do a spot on impression of!). I love reading about Geoff’s love of the Jayhawks…being married to a Jayhawker myself, as well as a graduate (MBA), I completely understand your point of view. Also, love seeing the pictures of Harper at kamp…always wondered what it was like for the kids of the directors…now I get to read all about it!

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