hello, blog. it’s me, lindsay.

these days are kind of hilarious.
in a shaking-head kind of way.
i feel like i am unable to get the simplest things done. sure, there are things like the laundry that i tell myself everyone has a hard time completing from start to finish in a “timely manner”. and there are things like cleaning the bathrooms that don’t get done nearly as often as a person with an ounce of hygiene would have them cleaned. and then there’s getting the oil changed in the car, picking up milk at the supermarket, taking the stack of packages to the ups store and returning the now-out-of-season clothes to babies r us.
um, and vacuuming? didn’t get THAT done in october… or september. what month is it now? 
and, as you already may know, there are events or trips that get taken, enjoyed, we get home, unpack, do laundry… and the post to share with our friends and family? OH YEAH.

maybe it’s time i just put on my big girl panties and accept the fact that IT might not get done right now. it may even go un-done until next week. 
and that’s OKAY.
these are the days that i just let her room get messy, days that the stack of clean laundry on the chair in my bedroom is almost up to my ears and days that i get a birthday package shipped three weeks overdue.

but. without regret, this is what my time has been filled with lately…

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2 Responses to hello, blog. it’s me, lindsay.

  1. Pat Chapman says:

    You have landed on the MOST important thing to do….spending time with her. Nothing else matters. I promise.

  2. Pat Chapman says:

    Love love love the new banner!

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