it’s what’s on the OUTside that counts

at my branson baby shower (i had more than one because i’m kind of a big deal) back in early may, one of the hostesses had a sweet idea for something to do at the party besides stand around and watch me drink my weight in punch.
and god bless the hostesses for not having us play super-cheesy or diaper-content guessing games involving candy bars – i was grateful for that.
during the party, several of the hostesses passed around baskets full of newborn diapers and sharpies. each guest took a diaper (or a few) and a marker and wrote “something special” on them.
there were funny ones, cute ones, make-you-teary ones…
there were ones addressing me, the daddy and even hurley, our dog…
one of the ladies’ little girls wrote on some, and those were all about smiling and going to disneyworld.
i tried to take a picture of most of them, pre-harper doing her business…

now, if i were a good mommy maybe i would have re-thought those super ladylike poses i had my daughter in to take these pictures…

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