we might be bad parents

a few weeks ago, some friends of ours were moving and on their last night in town we met at orange leaf (one of those do-it-yourself ice cream shops) to say goodbye and eat some frickin’ awesome frozen yogurt.

the following may or may not have happened:

baby daddy: honey, can we give her some fro yo? ::excited boy face::
me: ummm…**second guessing my cool mom response**
so in effort to sway me…
baby daddy: (starts singing the classic bill cosby song) dad is great! he gives us chocolate cake! dad is great! he gives us chocolate cake!
me: well, if we’re going to do it, may as well get some good pictures…

GEOFF did it.

almost at month 4 and no side effects to speak of.
unless you count harper thinking her parents are AWESOME as a side effect.

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3 Responses to we might be bad parents

  1. Julianne says:

    First off – you are not bad parents, but you might be bad friends. I was in Branson, left you a voice mail, never heard back from you and had to discover the uh-mazing Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt all by myself! Had you called me, we could have met there every day I was in town! We need an Orange Leaf right outside our Starbucks in the Town Center. I mean, Coldstone is great – but that yogurt – OY.
    Second – The Cosby song is a family favorite. In fact, Austin was just singing it this weekend when he was home from college. I LOL’ed when I read that.

    Love you – miss you – next time CALL ME BACK and maybe I can meet Harper before she leaves for COLLEGE! Did I mention We MISS you?

    ps – The blog is great – now give me some chocolate cake!

  2. Pat Chapman says:

    memories of “ageesah!!”

  3. i love fro yo! go daddy for letting your girl get in on the action! she couldn’t look any cuter tasting the goodness. : )

    okay, so the button… i have no ideas. ::enter milkbrain:: i have zero creativity… i’m guessing it could partly be due to fatigue. but, i can’t wait to grab it when it’s ready!

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