never. rarely. ok, sometimes cool.

friday night was a big night in branson.
and i have been excited about it for 2 months now. (i’m not sure i should have told you that.)
yes, september 17th was the night chain reaction, a journey tribute band, was to play at the landing down on the lake.
and i am unashamed to tell you i had been counting down the days.
we went down to the landing about 6 pm to grab dinner beforehand and then get decent seats for the concert. little did i know this was an even bigger deal than i thought it would be and there were already NO seats at 6. folks had come down earlier and put up their fold-out chairs to reserve their spots (just like all the parades we have in this HIlarious town).
when the concert started at 8 IT WAS CRAZY, Y’ALL.

i don’t think i have ever seen the landing THAT packed.
i guess it IS the type of town that gets down with journey.
(is that a bad thing or a good thing? husband would say bad, i would say FRICKIN’ AWESOME.)
the lead singer was actually really good and did a fantastic job covering steve perry. although his white ducktails and dad-jeans topped it off for me.

my favorite part? the chick on the keyboards who rocked the red tutu.

as much as i poke fun at this town, i have to admit how cool it can sometimes be. i mean, not many small towns have a fountain built by the same dudes that did the one at the bellagio in vegas. it is pretty cool to watch, especially when it’s rigged to go along with the music being performed.

we had a blast. good family night. and harper loved the music.

she was even singing along with my all-time favorite journey song, lights (when the lights go down in the city…and the sun shines on the bay…)

with her daddy…

and i
won’t stop believin’ that
some day COOL will find branson.
the city by the lake.
faithfully we will wait for that day with
open arms.

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2 Responses to never. rarely. ok, sometimes cool.

  1. Aunt Marte says:

    Yeah, but what about the International Fiddle Festival??
    Granted, a different type of cool, but still COOL!

  2. Chrystie Moody says:

    Fun time!!! We’ve been there…and I think my girl has played there before. So cool…..

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