he looks good when he does housework

in order to get our house presentable for the labor day party, the wonderful husband of mine helped me with a bit of housework.
and he went way above and beyond what i asked him to do. i came out from cleaning our guest bathroom to check on his progress and didn’t see him right away, so i followed his trail…

found his power source

followed his trail across the rug

and into the kitchen

past the kitchen drawers

to the fridge

followed the cord UP the fridge

keep going up

THERE he is

AND he's smiling while he vacuums!

gosh i love him.
(wow, apparently i need to clean off the front of my fridge! geez.
and all those notes on our pantry door? our top ten lists… a post will have to come on those.)
on my way back to our bedroom…

OH hello there, hot maid

there was a lot of cleaning to do with all the travelling we have been doing.  
i made us lunch and it sat on the counter for at least an hour before we could get to it.
we finally sat down and had lunch and made sure we were all prepped and ready to go…

our labor day party went wonderfully. it was relaxed and people had fun. good food was brought and a fabulous desert was made (if i do say so myself). apparently our party was SO fun, i was too busy to take pictures (::kicking self::). well, i took one
harper had so much fun she passed out for a good 20 minutes on our good friend jana…

fast asleep. 
when harper woke up, jana said “no, honestly THANK YOU harper for picking me. really. thank you.”

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4 Responses to he looks good when he does housework

  1. dad says:

    Oh man, I WISH I could have made it to the pahtee, and I really wish I could have seen the Jayhawk clean the top of the fridge (on second thought, I’m glad I didn’t see that!)

  2. sarah wheat says:

    I love it!!! I will be leaving this up on the computer so the hubs will “land” on it =)

  3. nancymiller says:

    please please take a pic of two profiles of mom and harper looking at each other up close. nancy

  4. Joanna says:

    That is so awesome that he was cleaning up there. They don’t seem to clean much but when they do the guys do it right! lol

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