they grow? WHAT?!

our little lady is growing, y’all!

they say it happens. and they say it happens fast.
and i am watching it daily with my own two eyes.
which i am none too happy about.
just kidding.
it is sad (but cool) to think about how big she will get, but it is truly amazing to watch her grow and develop and learn new things.
lately, she is starting to
– really visually acknowledge her hands and toes
– grab her toes
– rub her eyes when she is tired (SO precious)
– giggle & laugh (greatest noise ever)
– figure out how to rotate a bit while playing in her crib
last weekend, i put her in one position in her crib:

and when i came back in about 8-ish minutes later, she had rotated:

some of you might not think this is anything special, but until now she had never moved an inch from where i had originally put her. not an inch! so this was super exciting to me (maybe more than it should have been).

she is growing so fast, but when you put her on a large mattress (like her daddy did one night with his camera) she still looks like a wee ant…

geoff is so cute when he gets the camera on his little girl – he can’t stop taking pictures…

harps fresh out of the bath:

ain’t she cute?

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3 Responses to they grow? WHAT?!

  1. okay, talk about milkbrain… i couldn’t for the life of me remember the name of your blog and couldn’t find it in my reader! you need a button… just for me… help a mama out! ; ) your little miss harper is such a beauty! i love her hair! my sage is losing all of hers; bless her poor heart, she looks like an old man. but a cute one at least. i love harper’s crib sheet and changing pad cover. did you have them made? it looks and sounds like your texas trip was fabulous! you are such a beautiful mama!

  2. Sam says:

    Can I put down some sort of deposit to make sure my kids are this cute? Seriously…I can’t get over it. She’s a stinking gap baby.

  3. Dani Williams says:

    I love coming to your blog just look at pictures of Harper…i can’t get over how freakin cute she is…love and miss y’all!

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