a rare thing (our texas trip part IV)

my parents have been married for a long time, y’all.
on august 22, my lovely parents celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary.
how amazing is that?
i cannot believe how blessed i am to have two parents that love one another as much as they do.
so a few days before (on friday, since we had to leave on saturday) we took them out for a celebratory dinner and dessert.  it was them, us and sarah kate (my new sister!), sans my brother (sadly he had better things to do, like celebrate one of his friends getting married). we took them to one of our/their favorite mexican spots in austin.
seriously, y’all. they have THE best salsa (roasted jalapeño – YUMsville) and their frijoladas (these amazing chicken enchiladas with black bean puree on top) are TO DIE for. 
seriously.  i die for them.
and how incredible do their spicy orange margaritas sound?!  i’ll just have to take my parents’ word for it that they taste amazing… 
then we took them to this funky, modern diner for dessert. it has become one of my favorite spots in austin for fresh, inventive (but still basic american comfort) food.  we decided to be super health-conscious that night, so between the 5 of us this is what was ordered:
a slice of peach pie
a peanut butter & chocolate milkshake
2 banana & brown sugar milkshakes (THE most AHmazing milkshake i have ever tasted)
an espresso
aaand 2 lattes
how ridiculous are we?!
hey we figured 40 only happens once, people.

and you know who gave them their favorite gift EVER?
yep. that was me. (well, and geoff too. he helped.)
you guys ARE WELCOME for the cutest granddaughter ever to grace the planet.

and you KNOW we had to get them a fantastically funny card (which don’t-you-worry we totally forgot to give them that night. and the next day. and then took it home with us JUST so we could mail it back to them):
wait for it…
wait for it…
aren’t we so funny?

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