my new sister (our texas trip part III)

world, meet my new sister.

technically, she is almost my sister.
but i am going to call her my sister anyways…
her name is sarah kate.
she is a TEXAN (thankfully).
she is an aggie.
she has fabulous hair.
she has a contagiously warm smile.
she is a wonderful conversationalist.
and she is always super cute (i mean who else can pull off a t-shirt, a skirt, and retro sneakers?)
but she won’t be dillon for long.
you see, she is marrying my brother!
so i want you to meet sarah, through pictures.
here are some of my favorites from our week in austin…

with harper, sunday after church

harper already loves her aunt kate

look how happy she makes my brother

she's got a fabulous laugh!

and thennn there were the pictures we took during my parents’ anniversary night out…

seriously, y’all.
sarah kate is such a HAM. 
she was telling me to do all these quirky things in the photos…
like “make a funny face!” and “put your pinky up!” and “hold up your huge latte!”.
i have no idea what is going on here…
it was ALL her.
in all honesty, let’s hope she still likes me in ten years.


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6 Responses to my new sister (our texas trip part III)

  1. Pat Chapman says:

    OH my gosh! How did I get SO blessed with SARAH, GEOFF AND HARPER!???? Wow. I’m loving this time in my life!

  2. Jen says:

    How fun! Congrats on your soon to be sis. 🙂

    P.S. These posts are so making me miss Texas about now

  3. katie says:

    um, can i just state that she just won the sister in law JACKPOT with you miss lbc (i know it’s t, but the nickname feels more natural saying c) ?

    cause she did. and i’ll agree she’s pretty dadgum cute too.

    love you. lots of x’s and o’s.

  4. Sarah Kate says:

    awww… this was so fun to read. Thanks for your sweet words Linds.

    I agree with your friend, Katie, in that I won the Sister In Law Jackpot. You know, I never “win” anything, but God sure has blessed me all that I need and could hope for in a growing family. He does that in lots of areas of my life I am beginning to see.

    Love you and miss you guys,

  5. Pat Chapman says:

    what do ya’ll think about sister, brother, mother, dad….in-love rather than in-law? catchy?

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