we are FANCY (our texas trip – part II)

while we were in austin, my parents blessed us like crazy one night. 
they sent us to a movie.
but not just any old movie, y’all.
they sent us to the fancy movies.
and this place was amazing
when you walk in the front doors (at fancy places like this, they open for you by sensor – believe it, folks) it’s like you are walking into this swank manhattan lounge, with a huge bar at one end and low tables with intimate seating clustered around. we “check in” at the front desk and a gorgeous girl in a black shift dress takes us to a seat in the bar area.  we sit down and order drinks and an appetizer. she comes back a few moments later and tells us that we can go ahead and take our seats in the theater, and they’ll bring our appetizer in to us. so we walk into the theater and take a seat in our huge, beautifully orange, mega chairs. 
and these chairs weren’t no regular chairs, people.
you guessed it, they were fancy chairs.
the chairs in the theater were seriously THE most comfortable chairs i have ever had the pleasure of sitting in. and they were huge.
they reclined all the way back and were super cushy.  
and we had second row back, so our view wasn’t too miserable…
and since we were going to the fancy movies, you KNOW we had to pick the fanciest movie out.
so we went to see step up 3d.  the fancy pants of movies. or should we say fancy dance movie…? (anyone?? ok, that was geoff’s joke, not mine, i swear.)

there was only one other couple in the movie that night (thanks to it being a non-weekend evening) so it was like we had this big, fancy theater all to our fancy selves.
we had such a great night and enjoyed every minute of our evening out just the 2 of us.

this place was decorated SO well and since i am an interior designer, you KNOW i took a photo of the bathroom.
seriously how fabulous, or should i say FANCY, is this bathroom?!

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2 Responses to we are FANCY (our texas trip – part II)

  1. Pat Chapman says:

    a little fancy never hurt anyone!!

  2. katie says:

    oh SO fancy! looks like so much fun!!! xoxo

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