our texas trip – part I: the roadtrip

now to finally start recapping our wonderful vacation/trip to my homestate!
geoff finished up kamp on august 12 and the very next day we got on the road to austin. we had planned on leaving at 9 am, so of course we were out the door by 11.  (man, trying to do things with a baby take A LOT longer than they should, or than you expect them to.)
harper did great on the trip, a lot better than we thought an almost-3-month-old should.  when we crossed the border into the promised land, you KNOW i had to take a ton of pictures of my daughter and her FIRST entrance into TEXAS (well she IS half texan).

we figured if we were going to be arrested by a security guard, we may as well get as many pictures as we could…
(her little faces are priceless!)

this was the best day of our daughter’s life.  she had finally made it to texas.

that night we stayed with one of my favorite girls ever and we had a great time (read about it here and/or here)…
her man was out of town that night and they don’t have a guest room (they’re creating a nursery!) so our option was: me sleeping upstairs with her & her puppy and harper sleeping downstairs next to her daddy on the couch (if my girl’s dog was going to be in bed with us, i felt more comfortable with harper downstairs with daddy). 
so this is what i saw when i walked downstairs at 7 am:

seriously, how CUTE are they??

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5 Responses to our texas trip – part I: the roadtrip

  1. Katie Fulmer says:

    Omg. Cutest. Thing. Ever. So glad you snapped this since i missed it due to being in bed when y’all left! LOVED having you!!! We had such a fun sleepover, even if we had to makeshift sleeping areas :). Lovvvvveeeee you, xoxoxo

  2. Mrs. Hesson says:

    Mama. You look fabulous! SO glad that Harper was finally introduced to the GREATEST place ever, Texas 🙂

    And yes, it really is the cutest thing. What a good daddy!

  3. Barb says:

    What you talkin’ ’bout, Willis??? You had to drive through OKLAHOMA (the state we introduced you to your husband!!!) before you ever reached the Texas line! Let’s show a little respect here…..Harper knew OKlahoma before Texas!! Yipeeeee Love to you all.

    • teamus614 says:

      hahaha… we drove a different way this time and didn’t HAVE to drive thru oklahoma! 🙂 harper has not yet visited your state barb, sorry. she wants to see you tho’! and i am grateful to the munnekes ONLY (not oklahoma) for introducing me to gt!!

  4. Lainey-Paney says:

    Awww. that last pic is the BEST!

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