milkbrain strikes again

on our road trip down to my hometown of austin (finally HARPER’S FIRST TIME IN TEXAS!!), we stopped in dallas to see a dear friend of mine and she was wonderful enough to put us up for the night.
and US means the whole fam damily (as my grandpa used to say):
aaand harper
aaand the baby daddy
aaaand hurley.
we had a fabulous time reconnecting and reminiscing, mostly about baylor and the adventures we had while we were there.

while we stayed with said dear friend, we had such a great – and short amount of – time that we forgot to do an important thing:
take a frickin’ picture together. 
she is pregnant with her first baby due in november and i have a new baby! 
and we didn’t take a photo together!  
**kicking self, punching fist, shaking head**

since we are both bloggers, we figured we could somewhat fix our mistake and have fun with it.
SOOO below are the pictures we SHOULD have taken together.
just scroll down, then click on over to her sweet blog life in the fulmer lane, and use thine imagination!

realizing what we forgot to do

wait, mommy has a brilliant idea

it's like she's right here

and look at her precious belly!

a sad hurley, missing her new buddy, koda

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4 Responses to milkbrain strikes again

  1. anni says:

    You are soooo funny! Thanks for starting my day!

  2. Mrs. Hesson says:

    Haha I loved it. So sweet 🙂

  3. Katie Fulmer says:

    What is WRONG with us??? Thankfully you’re super smart and had this fantabulous idea! Loooovvveee the picture of Hurley too! And love you and sweet Harps! Hotel Fumer is open for Team Us anytime!!! Xoxo

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