harper at 2 months

on july 26th (wow it took me a while to post this… oops) our little girl turned 2 months old.
i know, it seems like just yesterday she was born.
and now she is already grown up, ready to leave the nest, about to get her driver’s license and…
she is still tiny and all MINE. 
i will be taking shots of her in her 2 chairs in her nursery (one for my design sensibilities and the other to show how incredibly precious & TINY she looks) every month.  so we can all watch her as she grows!
so here is miss harper story at 2 months old:

happy two months, you little cutie.

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5 Responses to harper at 2 months

  1. Pat Chapman says:

    oh my gosh…so beautiful….LOVE the bubbles on the last one! cannot wait to see her in just 4-5 days!!!!

  2. Jen says:

    Oh she is just too precious. Love that sweet little belly.

  3. Mrs. Hesson says:

    Happy 2 months, Harper 🙂 You’re too cute for words. Oh, and I absolutely love your full head of hair. Lucky girl!

  4. simply beautiful! please get in touch when she makes her austin debut 😉

  5. Your daughter is ABSOLUTELY precious. I have been catching up on past posts on your blog — your posts are so entertaining!

    Can’t wait to

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