how harper waits for the doctor

a little while back, the baby daddy and i did a post that turned out to be our most popular blog post in history.
mainly because we are hilarious. and awesome.
it was called how to entertain yourself while waiting for the doctor.
well, harper wanted in on the entertainment. 
she decided she wanted to do a similar post for y’all to share how she likes to wait for her doctor.
here she goes, with harper’s how to entertain yourself while waiting for the doc.

number 1:
get your jamaica on and start practicing now for your chance at gold in the winter olympics (bobsled, luge, etc.).  
we are pretty sure she dreams of riding someday in the naked bobsled race.
no clothes = more aerodynamic

number 2:
get your zorro on and practice your sword weilding skills (way cooler than a bowstaff).
we’re starting out with a tongue depressor. like we’re really going to give our child a sword at her age. potty training first, then a sword.

number 3:
get your easter bunny on and practice the art of disguise. 
which one is the poster and which one is the IMposter? 
silly rabbit, tricks are for harper…

number 4:
get your superhero on…UP, UP AND AWAY! 
it’s much easier to change in the phone booth when it’s just a diaper.
and finally:
get your michael phelps on and show ’em how you roll, just like daddy.
yes, harper was supervised the whole time.  daddy spotted harper, mommy spotted daddy…

and THAT is how we entertain ourselves.  go team us.

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5 Responses to how harper waits for the doctor

  1. Mrs. Hesson says:

    hahaha. Hilarious! Y’all are too cute.

  2. Chrystie Moody says:

    That little girl will never be bored…. 🙂

  3. hysterical!!!!! 🙂

  4. Pat Chapman says:

    #4 by far my favorite!! the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

  5. dad says:

    But how will you decide which event to enter???

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