ninjas, elves & surfer dudes

i am worried my child will grow up with a warped sense of reality.
see, my husband is a director at a family kamp during the summer, and each term (which lasts 6 days) has a number of parties that are themed.  one party this year is called “ninja night”, there is an entire day and night that everyone celebrates christmas, and then all week there are skits about these 2 surfer dudes that are an exact living replica of bill & ted (if you have never seen bill & ted’s excellent adventure, you are seriously missing out on some intelligent, grown-up humor).
there are many of these parties that harper and i just sit back and enjoy watching all of the families (and geoff) and see what they’ve come up with for costumes. 
then there are times when harper gets caught in it.  (most times, geoff gets excited to dress her up and be his little partner in crime.)
this was the little girl’s first “christmas” at about 4 weeks old:

she was about 6 weeks when the baby daddy started dressing her up too…

then the blessed ninja night… this was about a week ago.  geoff was so into it that night… she was wearing a little dress (serious disappointment – not very ninja-ish) so he asked me if i had any backup outfits in the diaper bag.
ME: yeah i have one, but it’s not a plain white one.
G: oh man… *hangs head and frowns*
ME: wait!  i have one with stuff on the front.  BUT we can turn it inside out and it’ll work for the black & white scheme!
G: gah, i love you.  you are a brilliant genius! and look, i have an extra wristband…
ME: *smiles and takes a bow*

the wristband (that fit her head so perfectly) kept sinking lower on her head over her eyes until…

her little eyes got totally shut by the big heavy band and she was down for the count.  oh, our little narcoleptic…

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2 Responses to ninjas, elves & surfer dudes

  1. um, this is awesome. i want to go to kamp.

  2. Pat Chapman says:

    poor harper, what a terrible place to grow up….oh that I had grown up there!! dress up time will be no big deal to her, since every day will be that! how can this g’mother top Kamp!!?? Gotta get to thinking….planning…

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