good times from the weekend

my parents were here this weekend.  and it was awesome. 
the mahm came last wednesday and my dad made it up on friday, then sadly they left today. 
we spent most of our time staring at harper or waiting for her to smile… which usually doesn’t take long.
(except for right now, as i type this, she is a wee bit fussy – so i am trying to figure out how to rock her back and forth in her sling while i type.  not as easy as one would think.  pat head, rub tummy…)
on saturday, we took her out to the pool at kamp.  we had bought her a little float with a sun canopy that is still a little big for her to sit in on her own, SO i had the brilliant idea to get some arm floaties, blow them up about 75% and then wedge them in there with her to bolster her a bit.  it worked ok until they began to float to the surface instead of stay under to hold her in.   well, i thought it was brilliant
and of course, if you know geoff, he had to get his daughter on a “surfboard” while we were in the water.  
his new thing lately is styling her hair into a mo/faux-hawk.  it really is pretty adorable on her.
enjoy just a small fraction of the hundreds (literally, y’all) of photographs we took while my family was here…

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5 Responses to good times from the weekend

  1. Nichole Medina says:


    She is too cute for words. Please let me know when in Aug. you will be in Austin so I can meet her.

  2. Pat Chapman says:

    love love love that closeup shot of her!! got some more on my photostream…..such fun this weekend! can’t wait for your visit to Austin!

  3. dad says:

    It is so cool to have a PERFECT granddaughter

  4. Harper is precious! I love reading your blog and hearing how y’all are doing! Sounds like fun times. 🙂

  5. harper is such a beauty! so is her mommy! the last pic is presh. well, they all are!

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