my first miscellany monday

this is my first link up with the awesomeness that is miscellany monday
(check out
lowercase letters for more info.)

there are 8 inches in a foot.
now i’m no math whiz, yet let me state for the record that i am pretty dern decent at summing up numbers and simple arithmetic.  but for some odd reason, ever since i was about 7 months pregnant i have had a really hard time remembering how many inches are in a foot.  most days i think it’s 14, some days 8… (eventually i have to ask someone.)

sugar! ah honey honey…
i have always appreciated dessert after a meal or a nice bowl of blue bell homeade vanilla sometimes on a nightly basis.  but i have never, repeat never, had a sweet tooth like i have since i began nursing.  i have been caught eating more than my share and geoff’s share of brownies out at kamp, begging my best girl in town to bake me a big batch of her famous chocolate chip cookies (and leave a lot of the batter in the fridge for later) and driving thru steak ‘n’ shake or sonic ordering an are-you-sure-this-your-biggest-size chocolate milkshake.  

my new toy

for the last 3 years, i have had a blender that has made my life hellish.  it never worked correctly and i had to constantly unplug it during use.  (it probably didn’t help that i kept cursing at it and called it names.)  but when the mahm (my mom, in case you’re a new reader) was in town for harper’s birth she had pity on her fat, frustrated daughter and while at bb&b, purchased me a lil present.  it makes THE BEST smoothies, which i crave daily, and there are never any ice or fruit chunks… making it easier and oh so much quicker to GET INTO MY MOUTH.

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3 Responses to my first miscellany monday

  1. katie says:

    why don’t you live next door to me? oh the fun we’d have. i MISS you linds!!! and i pretty much love you too.


  2. Pat Chapman says:

    Oh I can already taste one of those smoothies. Oh wait! I’ll be able to HAVE one of those smoothies TOMORROW!! Cannot wait to see you 3 in person!! Been way too long living vicariously through the blog!! Manana!

  3. i’m so sorry i didn’t get to your miscellany sooner!!! i have my hands full so the blog takes a back seat these days! : ) i am going to make it a point to visit you frequently because you crack me up, are super fun and a great writer! i can totally relate to the whole sugar thing… for awhile i felt like every meal (even breakfast) needed a dessert. i’m weaning myself off of it and miraculously managed to only eat it twice in the last 7 days. and yes, its amazing how much brain power our adorable cuddle bugs can squeeze out of us!

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