i didn’t think i’d be the mom…

so many things are not as i thought they would be with motherhood.
but there are a few that happily caught me a little off guard…

i didn’t think i would be the mom who would video my kid in her swing, much less take pictures of it.  (she looked so adorable in there, gazing up at the little birds with her big blue eyes… i could’ve died.)

i didn’t think i would be the mom
that would constantly want to be the one holding her and fight anyone who tries to take her (as opposed to a sweet friend of ours at kamp that offered to hold her while we ate our meal).  no really, i’m fine.  seriously.  i can eat a really messy meal with one hand. and drink at the same time. and carry on scintillating conversation. 

i didn’t think i would be the mom who refers to herself as “mommy” all the time, as in ::sing-songy voice:: “mommy loves harper! yes she does, pumpkin!” (in my defense, i did read in one of my know-it-all parenting books that babies don’t understand “me” or “i” or “you” – so they say you should refer to yourself as “mommy” or “daddy” when you talk to them)

i didn’t think i would be the mom who would care so little about huge, wet spit up spots on all of my clothes.  and continue to wear those clothes for the rest of the day and sometimes through the evening… and to bed that night.

i didn’t think i would be the mom who would be ok with picking boogies out of my child’s nose. nuff said.

i didn’t think i would be the mom who would get to sleep for 8 hours because our baby started sleeping through the night at 5 weeks.  (PLEASE lord, let this not be just a phase.)  someone got her parent’s genes…

i didn’t think i would be the mom who would go to target with my baby, both of us wearing what we slept in the night before, unashamed.

i didn’t think i would be the mom who would get used to walking around narrating everything i do or am thinking, like “mommy is wiping harper’s precious bottom and putting on a clean diaper” or “mommy really wants to eat a dozen dunkin’ donuts right now but mommy is just gonna eat an apple because mommy has a very large spare tire she’s trying to get rid of” (hey, it develops her language skills).

i didn’t think i would be the mom who didn’t want my baby to grow up, because she is just so perfect and precious and tiny right now.

 i guess it’s the same as with pregnancy – things are never as you think they’ll be.  they’re better.

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5 Responses to i didn’t think i’d be the mom…

  1. Christe says:

    I love it! It really does go as fast as they say! It sounds like you are cherishing every moment! I hope we can meet Harper when we make the Kanakuk circuit!

  2. Aunt Marte says:

    Your latest post (“I never thought I’d be the kind of mom…”) reads like a poem! I’ve been keeping up with you and love your musings and wonderful discoveries about first-time motherhood. So much better than the old-time baby books! (I’m sure Pat still has yours.) Cannot wait to meet precious Harper and wrest her from your arms for just a moment so I can hold her and inhale that sweet baby smell (all of it!). By the way, Lee and I are planning on being in Austin the week before Labor Day (leaving Aug 28 or 29). Any chance the Todd family will be there?
    Love, Aunt Marte

  3. dad says:

    I didn’t think I could love my daughter more, but I do!

  4. amen to the target trips in jammies! aren’t those the best kind?!

  5. Dore Pope says:

    Hey Lindsay!! This is Dore – used to be Bortner – now Pope. I have been following your blog since we became friends on facebook. Just wanted to say that I have loved your posts since Harper was born and I could SO relate to this post. I laughed and cried while I was reading it. I have two little girls – Adalyn is almost 3 and Aubrey is 15 months. It is wonderful. Anyway, just wanted to say HI and thanks for sharing your life. I will be blog stalking you. 🙂 -dore

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