my child has a lot of hair

my child has a lot of hair.

it is in my husband’s family genes.
he had it as a baby.
his brother did when he was born.
his brother’s daughter did when she was born.

her roots (can you even call them that on a baby??) are coming in super blonde, so i’m curious to see if it all falls out and comes back lighter (both of us as little kids had really blonde hair).

funny hospital story?
when the nurse brought her to our room after cleaning her up in the nursery after birth, she came in with a pink bow on her head.  (for those of you who don’t know me, i am so not the bow type.  sorry, can’t handle it.) and if that wasn’t enough, it was stuck to her precious head of hair with VASELINE (see photo). 
i just got my squeaky clean, brand new, most-beautiful-creature-i’ve-ever-seen, baby back after being without her for a dreadful hour or so and she has this GOO in her hair (from a pink bow, no less!) that took several people and some scrubbing (and quite a few “seriously?!”s) to get out.  ew. and really people?

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One Response to my child has a lot of hair

  1. Pat Chapman says:

    such a beautiful baby girl! and yes she gets the hair from the Edwards/Barber side too (definitely not the Chapmans!).
    Do you notice how many pics there are of Harper asleep?!!

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