i am mommy. hear me snore.

there is a serious learning curve when it comes to becoming a new parent.  and there are MANY things i have learned the hard way over the last 6 weeks.  among the many, i’ll start with 5.
here are five things i have learned since becoming a new mom:
1. a mommy (or daddy) should never go longer than 2 hours without changing her baby’s diaper. i learned this the hard way while out running errands with a friend the other day.  i picked my daughter up out of her car seat and WOW.  ALL over the car seat and ALL over her new outfit.  not a pretty site.  good thing i have a very cleanable car seat and  super yummy, baby-smelling  stain wipes in the diaper bag.
2. a mommy should never venture outside the house without at least 14 burp clothsand a change of clothes. it amazes me how many burp cloths we can go through in one day.  NOW we probably own 18 or so total since every time i get over to babies’r’us i buy another pack, and by the end of the day there are none clean!  how does this happen?  is my baby making things disappear with her magic skills? and you can be SURE that the one day i had not re-packed a change of clothes in her diaper bag would be THE day we had 2 blowouts and the most RIDICULOUS amount of spit up i have ever seen, mid-starbucks drive thru.  seriously, y’all.  it was EV’RYwhRR.
3. a mommy never stops doing laundry.  it is incredible to me how many outfits a little person can go through in just a couple of days (not to mention the burp cloths). pre-baby, i got by doing about 1-2 loads per week for geoff and me – maybe 3 on a week when he played a lot of basketball.  now i am lucky if i get to only do ONE load a day, most days it’s 2.  yet what is it about her laundry that I LOVE SO?  i truly love doing her laundry.  her detergent and dryer sheets smell like a baby, it’s heavenly (i think heaven will smell like babies).  and then taking her wee clothes out of the dryer and folding them and putting them in her closet or in her dresser… i LOVE it.
4. a new mommy needs to understand she won’t be able to do many things for herself.  honestly, folks, before i was a mom i had NO idea. 
*now all the moms out there please forgive my wrongly assuming this*  there were a few things i needed to do around the house before harper came – like organizing newly-collected recipes or going through the many stacks of interior design magazines and putting the tear-outs in binders in my office because no lie there are about 200.  i figured once she was here and i would be under house arrest for a long time, i would have a TON of time to do these things. 
you need help to do the things you want to do and need to get done.
like the other day, our sweet friend audrey went with us to run errands…
you are constantly caring for a new life and that new life usually doesn’t want to be put down long enough for you to finish your pregnancy book or write a blog post (right now, these few minutes i am typing this: TRUE MIRACLE. and by the way, she is currently laying in her “play gym”, face down, sound asleep, and LIGHTING IT UP in her cute little pants.)    
5. a mommy has the best job in the world.  y’all.  i had no idea it would be this great.  yes, there are many nights when i get so frustrated because she won’t go to sleep, or days that i wish i had time to write with no distractions (if my brain would only work right).  but honestly this is way cooler than i thought it would be.  i thought i would gladly pass her off to anyone and everyone just so i could get some sleep or time to relax.  i thought i would be dying for the first babysitter to watch her so that geoff and i could go out alone.  but right now, i cannot even think of leaving her with anyone.  maybe our family or closest friends for a little bit IF WE HAD TO.  otherwise, i prefer to be with her, i want her to go with us wherever we go.  i get to hang out every day with this sweet little girl that relies on ME (and her daddy) to change her diaper, to nourish her (just ME on this one), to help her go to sleep, to make her laugh, to bounce her around when she’s upset.  getting to experience things like a first smile, cooing (who knew what THAT was before having a kid!?), giggles and squeals, precious LOUD baby poots that you can feel on your arm as you hold her…
does life GET any better?

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2 Responses to i am mommy. hear me snore.

  1. Hanalei Lamar Myers says:

    Love reading your blog, so sincere! And little Harper is beautiful 🙂

  2. Kate says:

    i love mommy linds. and i can’t wait to hug and hold that sweet baby girl! i’m going to be calling/texting you a LOT when my little one gets here, i’ll need help from my experienced friend!!! xoxo

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