harper’s birth story – part 2b

ok, where did we leave off…?
ah yes, we were RELUCTANTLY walking down the hospital L&D wing to our new room, room 11.  and yes, i did gripe the entire way.  i mean i was walking down a long hallway with contractions.  not fun or cool.
and the (almost) worse part is, they broke my water BEFORE we had to move rooms – so i was walking down the hallway holding 2 puppy pads as panties, hoping i wasn’t leaving a river in my wake.  haha… there probably was a wake as i walked down the hall, leaking amniotic fluid.  slish slosh.  my bad…
at least my sweet husband was pushing my IV pole-thing for me.
so as we got into our new room, the contractions got really bad (hey, they get worse – who KNEW?) they set up a yoga/birthing ball for me to sit on (it really did help), complete with double puppy pads.

that water-breaking thing is just weird.  if i rose even the least bit from my ball, it was niagra, people.
when i got close to pushing, they had me hooked up to monitors to watch the baby’s heartbeat and mine.

and the closer i got, i guess my heartrate or hers went down so i had to be on oxygen for a little while.  enter hannah, our nurse that went through the delivery with us.  she was amazing & hooked me up as soon as she came into the room and was updated by our departing nurse.
(this photo’s for you, dad…)

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