have you heard of milk brain?

dear readers,
please forgive me for what i did on the last post, harper’s birth story – part 2.  i am obviously a bit challenged when it comes to wordpress (still new from switching over) and all of the gadgets they 0ffer… like the one where you can choose when your post goes live.  i apparently do not know how to use that one.  i actually was not finished with part 2 (most of you probably picked up on that) when it went up on the blog.
so i apologize for the unfinished part of the story… it will come, i promise!
i will finish part 2 tomorrow and post it as an addendum… a part 2 B… a sequel, and then i’ll post part 3.
you will get your ending!
much love,
the management/mommy-with-milkbrain

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3 Responses to have you heard of milk brain?

  1. Toni Wellhausen says:

    Hahahaha!! Not to worry, Linds! Loved every word of it anyway!

  2. jannie says:

    Oh thank you!!! I couldn’t sleep last night just waiting for the ending…..you really are funny!!! Harper is going to grow up in such a fun family!!!
    Did you take the Texas dirt with you to your new room or leave it for the Workers??
    “Milk Brain” I can understand – I went from that to “wine brain” as my angels started growing up! ha
    Keep us laughing in Austin! Love

  3. Katie says:

    so glad you said this. i was totally left hangin’. waiting for part 2 b addendum .01 🙂

    LOVE YOU FRIEND!!! hope to see yours and that sweet baby girl’s face SOON!!! xoxo

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