harper’s birth story – part 2

the night was a short one.
we knew we should get our rest, but we stayed up talking about what was about to go down (only after watching the season finale of 24 – we had to know what happened with jack bauer!) 
a new nurse came in about 6 am to start the pitocin (medication that helps your body start contracting). 
THAT was a scary moment. 
once you get those drugs in your system, there is no going back.  you have to go through labor.  it’s on.  (still thinking in my mind that labor might kill me, and will be the most painful thing in the universe and i cannot imaging the agony…)
i had that moment, “WAITWAITWAIT.  i’m not ready yet.  okay, you can go ahead.  WAITWAITWAIT.  gimme just one minute.”  repeat.
the pitocin actually was started, despite my anxiety.

then i started to think “OK LET’S DO THIS. I CAN DO THIS.”
when the contractions started, they were not painful at all.  not sure if this is the same for every woman, but it was for me.  it just felt like my tummy was tightening.  thennnn they started to get a little painful…
man, contractions HURT!  at least they don’t last too long and you get a little break in between.
then the unthinkable happened.
the supervising nurse came in and told us that they were doing construction in the building and that the oxygen in a few of the rooms, including our own room number 7, needed to be shut off.  would we mind if several of the men working on the system came into our room for 15-20 minutes to work on it?
she’s kidding, right?
this was one moment in my life i was about to turn into a not-nice person.  i am in the middle of contractions here, lady.
our other option was to move to another room.  after talking it over for a few minutes with geoff and griping about the RIDICulous situation, we decided on option 2.
no we do not want strange, potentially dirty men in the room with me while i am experiencing heinous pain in my abdomen and am getting close to BIRTHING A BABY.

the final room

so we reluctantly walked down the hall from room 7 to room 11

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3 Responses to harper’s birth story – part 2

  1. Pat Chapman says:

    it’s still so amazing she thought you might even say yes. NOW it’s laughable.

  2. Mrs. Hesson says:

    Okay the suspense is killing me…! And do you get the bbq chicken jalapeño pizza at schlotz? it’s my hubby’s fave. And that is absolutely absurd about the room. Boggles my mind that happened AND the expected you to be okay with it. No thank you!

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